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A Mano Surf

Shot throughout the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, the film features different forms of wave riding and the art of hand shaping a board whilst also capturing the scenic beauty of the region

Nobody Surf

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Mundaka: Hurricane Epsilon

In late October 2020, as Hurricane Epsilon spun off the coast of Europe, Mundaka, the Basque Country’s mythical point break, woke up from its summer slumber to bring Natxo González, Kepa Acero, Aritz Aranburu, Leo Fioravanti and friends 24 hours of classic conditions.

Mirage: Skeleton Bay

Since it was unveiled in 2008, the wave at Skelton Bay has become part of every surfer's lexicon, a synonym for never-ending sand bottomed tubes. But unlike Pipeline, G-Land, or other iconic world class waves, the two-kilometre-long left on the edge of the Namib Desert is in a constant state of flux. If satellite imagery is anything to go by, the wave we know today didn’t even exist 30 years ago.

The SurfLakes x Coastline Magazine

Eight years ago, Aaron Trevis was skipping rocks in a pond with his kids when he threw a larger rock and watched the ripples radiate out from it and tiny waves peel along the bank of the pond, like countless others have before him. For Aaron, a lifelong surfer and mining engineer, it was a light bulb moment. How big a pebble and how large a body of water would he need to produce waves that could be surfed? That thought proved unshakeable and launched what has been a near-decade long journey, involving countless hours of toil and millions of dollars to arrive where we are today.

Rip Curl's Postcards From Morgs:

No tour, no travel, no worries. The Search is what you make it and Morgan Cibilic made it his mission to bring together the Rip Curl A-Team and explore the east coast of Australia over 10 days this past July.

Rivals Episode Two: Josh Kerr

The prince of Coolangatta takes on his beloved D'Bah.

RIVALS - Episode One

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this invention in the midst of the COVID-19 travel ban, is pretty bloody good. Eleven of Australia’s iconic competitive male surfers will open up old battle scars in this innovative three month, 13 episode show. Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison, Bede Durbidge, Josh Kerr, Danny Wills, Shaun Cansdell, Jay Thompson, Glen Hall, Kai Otton and Nathan Hedge have two hours at their local to surf however they want, on as many waves as they want, with their best three rides to be scored by the public via online platform and Olympic Surfing Head Judge Glen Elliot.

The Africa Project Documentary

A Jason Hearn surf film exploring various destinations on the African continent. Shot between 2009 and 2012

Occy & sons at Snapper: July 1 2020

Occy and his sons Jay and Jonah in some Snapper tubes. July 1 2020

Soft Serve: Kael Walsh

Shot by Wade & Myles Carroll, water footage by Tom Jennings, additional footage by Shane Fletcher and Isaac Jones and edited by Wade Carroll, this great vid showcases the surfing of WA surfer Kael Walsh

Tunnel Vision: Keahi de Aboitiz

For Keahi, kitesurfing has become an extension of surfing and a way to spend as much time in the ocean as possible. It’s a tool that turns windy sessions into a whole new world of fun. 2019 marked the beginning of a journey to go in search of some of the best waves on the planet.