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The Search: Red Monkey, Full Moon

Two-time World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning and Mason Ho again head off in search of best swell the world’s coastlines have to offer.

Rip Curl

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Winter Weekends: WA

Winter weekends was filmed over the final months of winter 2019 in Western Australia. There were several solid swells and the locals shared them with the local aquatic wildlife.

Maldives Surf Trip: Asher Pacey

A short clip of Asher Pacey surfing the Maldives

Up North, Out West: Asher Pacey

This video featuring Asher Pacey was shot by Ryan Williams on an isolated island off the coast of North Sumatra.

African Love This Place Part 2

Day two of July 29th historic swell at Skeleton Bay with Koa Smith, Benji Brand, Taj Burrow and Alex Smith

Pulau: Indo Surf Film

A short surf movie filmed in North Sumatra and Bali during the 2011 season by Ricardo Borghi and Joyce Grisotto.

A State of Play.

A State of Play follows surfer Drew McPherson and photographer Nathan Henshaw from their home town on the east coast of Australia to the remote desert coast in search of waves.

Head Noise: Noa Deane

The ocean is Noa Deane‘s liberation in life and this video followed Noa to his favorite surf spots in Australia to Hawaii to Indonesia

Jack Robinson: 12 Hour Barrel Bender

Jack Robinson’s incredible twelve hour marathon of barrels somewhere in Western OZ, captured by Tom Jenning and Luke Campbell

Meet Tony

Meet Tony Laureano the 15 year old big wave surfer from Portugal. He started surfing when he was 5 and grew up with the influence of what was happening in Nazaré and the big wave scene discovery in Portugal. His father, Ramon Laureano is a big wave legend and Nazaré pioneer, a professional Jet ski rescuer and is responsible for some of the most hardcore rescue operations ever attempted in Praia do Norte.

African Love This Place: Skeleton Bay

Skeleton Bay, they say once you get a taste of it she will control your life forever! Featuring Koa Smith.