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Revolution Power Litihum Batteries

This video shows the Revolution Power Solution lithium battery and charging set up in John Haenke from Guided Fishing Down Under's new boat

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Wooden Boat Lunacy

it takes a lot of money, but there is something very satisfying about restoring a classic wooden boat. This is the story of Folly III, a 33 foot timber cruiser in the style of a Lake Union Dream Boat built by W Holmes & Co in Sydney, circa 1920 and restored last year at Tripcony Slipway in Breakfast Creek in Qld.

Boating to Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island

Boating to Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia. Information on routes to take, possible hazards, where to anchor and suggestions on what to do while there. Link to book Banksia Villa 534 - Link to Kingfisher Bay Resort Barges -

Boating to Pelican Bank, Hervey Bay

Boating to Pelican Bank, Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia. This video is full of information on where to launch your boat, how to reach Pelican Bank and what to do once you are there.

Crossing Coastal Bars Safely

This video from the Australian Boating College on how to cross a coastal bar safely is worth watching and could save your life.

IALA Buoyage System

This is a handy video for those just starting out boating. It explains the different beacons and buoys you need to know about and understand for safe boating.

Collision Regulations

Knowing the rules to avoid collisions on the water is extremely important. This video from Maritime Safety Qld simply explains them.

Vessel Lights & Shapes

If you go boating at night, you need to be familiar with the lights vessels display, including your own ... and you need to understand the shapes they display during the day which indicate their status.

Night Boating

Boating at night requires you to be extra careful and vigilant. This video has good info for those who are just starting out night boating

Lifejackets and children

This video from Maritime Safety Qld deals with the rules regarding children wearing lifejackets and tips on buying the right kind and familiarising kids with wearing them.

Maintaining petrol inboard engines

Maintaining petrol inboard engines in boats reduces the risk of boat fire. This video from Maritime Safety Qld has good tips on the maintenance required.