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Another Day in the Life of Wayne Lynch

This video produced in 2013 by filmmaker Cyrus Sutton provides a window into Wayne Lynch's life ... his thoughts on fame and competition and his love of surfing for the sheer joy of it's simplicity and pleasure.

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Stoked On: Burleigh Creator Tony Dempsey

Tony Dempsey has been shaping surfboards in and around Burleigh Heads for the better part of 50 years. He was a competitive surfer back in the days when Nat Young and Midget Farrelly ruled and he went on to play a role in the evolution of the shortboard.

Surfer Magazine: Best Surf Clips of 2018

Drawing from SURFER’s “Clips of the Month” series, here’s a very arguable list of the “Clips of the Year.” No matter how you slice it, 2018 was an incredible trip around the sun for surfing, and each clip will attest to that.

Robyn - Surfing in your 70's

Robyn began surfing in 1963 and this short film by Ashley Beer captures her love of the ocean and celebrates her gratitude for the simple things in life, like living by the sea and surfing every day. Music: Headland - Neska Polita "Pretty Girl"

Nias - Laurie Towner

A Film by Gary Parker. The swell was almost too big for the reef, turning a perfect right into a thick double-up monster. The few surfers game enough to put themselves under the lip were rewarded with some amazing tubes. Laurie Towner was one of these guys and got some great waves until he was flogged at the bottom of a huge double-up. The result was a few separated ribs but Laurie was still stoked!

Lucid Dreaming - Laurie Towner

Watch what happens when Laurie Towner meets the biggest swell to hit Fiji's Cloudbreak. Filmed and edited by Gary Parker, with additional footage by Tim Bonython, Taylor Curran and Talon Clemow.

The Morning Light - Drew McPherson

Nathan Henshaw’s short film on Drew McPherson’s Dawn Surf has a timeless quality about it. Drew's surfing is effortless and the film feels like it could have been shot in just about any decade. Drew chooses to live an uncomplicated life, focusing on the simple things, always travelling light and searching for uncrowded waves.

2019 Burleigh Single Fin Festival

The most fun surfing event of the year

Timeless Land

An epic visual tube riding adventure through this great land we call Australia, captured on GoPro by Ry Craike.

Occy Interviews Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez is the smoothest surfer in the world. It's not just his surfing style, it’s the way he moves through life: languid and silky. He speaks slowly and thinks quickly. The way he surfed shaped generations of other surfers and his style at Pipeline became the benchmark for how Pipeline should be surfed. Gerry led a very interesting life: surfing, acting, shaping, snowboarding, yoga ... you name it. He’s a firm believer that movement keeps you young and he never stops moving. Occy sat down with him at the Pipe house to talk everything from surf travel to wipeouts, then got a quick yoga lesson to round things out.

The Desert Hilton

Occy, Shane Dorian, Jack Robinson, Laura Enever, Shaun Manners, & Kai Hing head North by Northwest for one iconic trip.