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Surfing Italy: Ale Ponzanelli

Italian stylist Alessandro Ponzanelli surfs a remote point break in the Mediterranean Sea.

Jason Baffa Films

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Cult of Freedom: The Taj Part

Taj Burrow chased a swell to the Mentawais on a last minute whim and got the best HT’s and Macaronis he’d ever had. It was a solo mission, not a big team trip, no photo shoots, no schedule to adhere to, no expectations, just an old fashioned strike mission. Needless to say, TB nailed it. Watch and enjoy. Shot by Dave Fox. Edit by Matt Payne. Post by Rundfunk Media. Directed by Joe G. Soundtrack, "Slunk" by Smashing Pumpkins and "Summertime Rolls" by Janes Addiction

Made In Ireland - Part 2

In chapter two of Made In Ireland, you'll have a front row seat for one of the biggest days of the year at Mullaghmore and an inside look at the minds of the surfers who charge it.

Made in Ireland - Part 1

The Made In Ireland documentary (from Irish filmmaker Mikey Corker) brings us the true story of Irish surfing, from its beginnings with Barry Britton to its bright future with big wave chargers like Conor Maguire.

A Day In The Bay: McTavish

Whether you ride performance shortboards, longboards, creative twin fins or something in between, the creation of one’s board is always fascinating to say least. It’s the things that each shaper focuses on, the little aspects and attention to detail in their creative process that differentiate each board significantly. In this video, Bob McTavish and son Ben talk about the Mctavish brand's strong history, the development of iconic instrumental surf craft and the modern day techniques keeping McTavish ahead of the game.

Wish You Were Here: Point Perfection

When Portuguese Surfers Anotonio Silva and Diogo d'Orey got some insider intel that a mysto and fickle right point was going to turn on, they pulled the trigger and went for it.

The Mind Fellows

There is nothing better than taking a surf trip with mates, exploring new areas and searching for waves. This video produced by Miguel Meinerz, is about just that.


This video is for those who love body surfing. It's the 2015 Womp Comp held at the river mouth at Canggu in Bali. The Right proved somewhat difficult for most entrants but through the pack shone a handful of talented trimmers, with Luke Flanders, Fraser Biden, Todd Supertramp and Harrison Roach making the final, with Harrison Roach winning.


This video features Ben Skinner, Markie Lascelles, Leonor Fragoso and Valeria Peconi, surfing at Madagascar Surf Resort, Befasy.

No Contest: Jeffreys Bay

This video from Red Bull shows why Jeffreys Bay is considered one of the best right hand breaks in the world

Shark Eyes

Western Australia is home to some of the biggest most hard hitting waves in the world. Surfers flock to this region in search of the perfect slab, but the dangers of this ocean are very real. After years of surfing big waves around the globe, Shanan Worrall is ready to give back.