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William Finnegan: Barbarian Days

Darius Devas’ short film ‘William Finnegan: Barbarian Days’ is a portrait of Pulitzer prize-winning author William Finnegan, narrated by Finnegan himself with excerpts from his memoir Barbarian Days. Featuring former US surf champion Rusty Miller.

Being Here

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Going Vertical

This is worth watching. It's a full length doco which explores the development of surfing over the years to the modern era we see today

Bede's Grom Shootout 2019

It's great when surfers who have achieved a lot in the sport, give something back to young surfers in their community, like Bede Durbridge has done with his Grom Shootout held on North Stradboke Island in early May this year

A Sense Of Space

Filmed and edited by Ishka Folkwell, this mini documentary embodies Torren Martyn's hometown day to day rituals perched somewhere in the Byron Bay shire. From the rural landscapes of northern New South Wales to then getting lost in the desert somewhere in North West WA, the fifteen minute flick encapsulates the meaning of exploration and the elements, whether it’s waves or otherwise, that come with it. The result is exactly that, a picture-perfect view of how adventurous life can be if we all take two, slow down and enjoy the little things and the simple moments.

Discovering the Mentawais

Martin Daly was born in Australia but has spent his life searching for some of the best undiscovered surf spots in the most remote parts of the world. He now runs a world renown surf charter business in Indonesia, the Indies Trader fleet. He takes us back to one of his earliest discoveries, the breaks off the coast of the Mentawais, and brings Felicity Palmateer, Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Anthony Walsh, and Kai Lenny along for the ride.

Parallele: Tahiti

Our time in Tahiti made it abundantly clear that even though we speak different languages, Hawaii and Tahiti cultures are two of the same. We parallel each other with trust in protecting each other and the environment, personal values, gratefulness, generosity, and the desire put others before ourselves.

2 KOOKS at Lower Trestles

Kalani Robb & Tyler Stanaland, aka 2 KOOKS, enjoying some fun waves at Lower Trestles on bodyboards.

Sun Damage Part II

Sun Damage Part 11 was filmed around Byron Bay by Dom Sullivan and features mainly local surfers: Kai Ellice-Flint, Kahu Andronicus, Max Weston, Harry Reid, Jack Lynch, Andy Findlay, Jessamyn Jean, Myles Doughman and Maddie Gross. The soundtrack is 'Pipe Dreams' by Regular Spread, a bedroom jazz four-piece from Melbourne.

Sun Damage Part 1

Featuring Myles Doughman, Kahu Andronicus, Max Weston and Kai Ellice-Flint mainly surfing the pointbreaks around Byron.  The soundtrack is Revivialised by The Wheelers of Oz.

Noosa Slice

This video features Matt Chojnacki from Sydney's northern beaches surfing First Point during the 2014 Noosa Surf Festival

Braden Weir: Sliding on His Alaia

Maroochydore surfer Braden Weir rides all kinds of boards from old loggers to short boards. In this video he shows his considerable talent sliding on the waves at Noosa on his Alaia.