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Darrell "Rooster" Dell - May 1995

From the Coastwatch Vault, this May 1995 surfer profile from John Charlton on Darrell "Rooster" Dell, a life long surfer, shaper and sailboarder.

Coastwatch Vault: From 1994 until mid 1999, Brownie's Coastwatch was a half hour TV show produced for Channel 7 Queensland. These videos are segments of that show.

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98 Billabong Jnr Series WA & SA

From the Coastwatch Vault, this John Charlton story on the final 2 legs in WA & SA of the 98 Billabong Junior Series. The series was won by NSW surfer Darren O'Rafferty

Jason 'China' O'Conner - September 1994

From the Coastwatch Vault, this September 1994 surfer profile is on Jason "China' O'Conner, who at the time was one of the hottest surfers based on the southern Gold Coast.

Ray Gleave - June 1995

From the Coastwatch Vault, this June 1995 surfer profile by John Charlton on Tweed Coast long boarder Ray Gleave, who is famous for his old style mal riding on modern boards. Ray had won 3 Australian long board championships at the time we did the story, but he preferred free surfing for the fun of it.

Dean Morrison at 13 - April 1994

From the Coastwatch Vault, this April 1994 surfer profile is on Dean Morrison. At the time, Dean was 13 and showing promise of the great things to come.

Dean Morrison - 1998

From the Coastwatch Vault, this John Charlton surfer profile shot in October 1998 on hot Gold Coast surfer Dean Morrison.

Big Tuesday - 23rd Feb 1999

From the Coastwatch Vault this story shot on Tuesday 23rd February 1999, featured the biggest swell of the summer of 98/99, which was coming off a slow moving low off the southern Qld coast, the remnants of TC Frank. It features Jay Phillips, Sam Lamaroy, Sasha Stocker and a Joel Parkinson stand up tube ride at Duranbah, which "Parko" still remembers to this day and reckons it's the best wave he's ridden at D'Bah.

Michael "Munga" Barry - April 1994

From the Coastwatch Vault, this April 1994 surfer profile on Gold Coast surfer Michael "Munga" Barry. Earlier that year he thrilled the crowds at the Kirra Pro with one of the best tubes rides of the contest and that's saying something, because Kirra was perfect and the worlds best were competing. "Munga" is part of world surfing folklore and quite rightly deserves that status.

1964 World Titles revisited - March 1999

In 1964 the first official world surfing titles were held in Sydney. The finalists were Joey Cabell from Hawaii, Mike Doyle & LJ Richards from California and Mick Dooley, Bobby Brown & Midget Farrelly from Sydney. Midget took the title and after his win the previous year in the Makaha contest in Hawaii, put Australian surfing on the world stage. In March 1999 at the Noosa Festival of Surfing, the same finalists apart from Bobby Brown, who tragically died in a bar brawl in 1967, gathered once again to revisit that famous 64 world title contest.

Will Lewis - 1997

From the Coastwatch Vault this John Charlton surfer from June 1997 is on Gold Coast surfer Will Lewis

Bryan Weir - November 1995

From the Coastwatch Vault, this November 1995, surfer profile on Bryan Weir, a true waterman who lives the simple coastal life and is the epitome of "Aloha Spirit". He has won Sunshine Coast and Qld surfing championships and in 1991 won the Australian Open Longboard Championship in the 8ft division and was runner up in the 9ft Division. Bryan's father Norm introduced him to the surfing life at a very early age and Bryan has done the same with his sons, Daman, Bodie and Braden, who was just a little tacker in this story, but like Daman has become a highly respected surfer capable of riding almost any type of surfboard and is one of Australia's finest exponents of Alaia board surfing.