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Topwater Saratoga Fishing

A Journey a few hours North West of Rockhampton showing the fruits of virtually unfished waterways amidst a large cattle property.

Cast EMag

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Catch and Cook Coral Trout

In this clip Ryan Moody and his mate Ruffy show how to catch coral trout with both jigs and live bait and Ryan puts his chef's hat on and shows a great way to cook it.

Best way to get a lure off a snag

Ryan Moody demonstrates the best way to get a lure off a snag. Losing your precious fishing lures to snags, mangroves and trees is unnecessary with this simple technique. Because Ryan does not use a snap swivel to attach lures, a lure retriever will not work, however this simple bow and arrow shock technique works the majority of the time saving you money in lost lures.

Releasing fish swollen with Barotrauma

Barotrauma occurs when fish are brought to the surface quickly from depth. Some fish recover well from barotrauma and others are badly effected. The condition worsens the deeper the fish is caught. Fish survival is heavily dependent on actions taken by the angler with releasing fish. This video demonstrates how to vent the fish correctly, expelling air and allowing it to sink/return to a comfortable depth and survive.

Live prawn baits for winter barra

In this video, Ryan Moody shows how to rig live prawns to catch winter barramundi. Drop them on aggregated fish and hang on.

Easy fish hook removal with bent nosed pliers

Ryan Moody shows his preferred method to remove hooks from deep hooked fish. It's using bent nosed pliers and it's a good idea, because you stay away from the sharp teeth and can see what you're doing.

Making Wire Traces for Mackerel Fishing

Mackerel are toothy critters and it pays to make your own wire traces when fishing for them, especially when using lures that can cost $30-$50 each. In this video Ryan Moody shows how to make wire traces, using a haywire twist and barrel roll and a neat trick to remove the tag end, without leaving a nasty sharp spike for you to cut yourself on.

Catching Big Fingermark with Live Squid

In this video Ryan Moody shows how to catch big fingermark with live squid. It's easy as they are the best bait around.

Burley Bombs - the clean way to consistently catch reef fish

Burley bombs are an easy and clean way to ensure your burley stream is consistent and attract and catch more reef fish. A consistent stream of burley is necessary to attract reef fish to your boat. Rather than chop up bait continuously, pre-make burley bombs and let them do all the work for you.

Flathead - Coongul Creek Fraser Island

In this video Luke Fitzpatrick shows tips for stalking flathead off the shore using soft plastics, during a family boat trip to Coongul Creek on Fraser Island. Here's the link to his web site ...

How to catch whiting

Shot in 2010, this video features Troy Dickson and rod builder Clint Fannin from Wilson Fishing showing to use the Snyder Glas rods they now make to catch a good feed of whiting in the Logan River. You'll notice they are using a parachute sea anchor to keep the boat from swinging around, which is a good thing to do. You can use a back anchor to do the same thing.