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Fly Fishing Astove Island - Seychelles

6 days of fly fishing on Astove Island with nice spring tides gave some great action. Dredging and teasing for GT's, fishing in the surf, skinny flats and solid bonefish, permit fishing in the beautiful lagoon, and fishing from the cliffs and beach. The fishing was insane with loads of action and brutality. The surroundings and views were breath taking.

Black Fly Eyes

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Alphonse - The Heart of the Indian Ocean

This video is about fly fishing at Alphonse, one of the most beautiful islands in the Seychelles. You'll see many flats species caught and quite a variety from bonefish to sailfish.

Finding Tapam

This video is an adventure into the Nicaraguan jungle, armed with fly rods and looking for monster “tapam”; the local Miskito people’s word for tarpon. Filmed at the Tapam Lodge on Nicaragua’s Miskito Coast.

Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Experience the beauty of Patagonia and take a peek into the fly fishing world of Luis Antunez at the Salmo Patagonia Lodge located in Coyhaique, Chile.

Popping & Jigging - Andamans

Here's our 2015 Andamans Expedition Trip to India. It captures the variety of fishing on offer and the buzz you can get from this type of blue water lure fishing. Chasing down the dolphins which are herding the big yellow fin tuna was some of the most crazy fishing I've ever done. Catching big GT?s and dogtooth tuna was as brutal as ever and jigging for reef fish was great fun on the right tackle too. .

Borgund: Fly Fishing for Brown Trout

This beautifully shot video is about fly fishing for big brown trout in crystal clear mountain river water at Borgund in Norway.

Camp North: Fly Fishing for Arctic Char

Arctic Char are part of the salmon family and this video shows a week long adventure in summer at Camp North in Greenland fishing for them. Filmed in the opening week of the season, sea run Arctic Char were entering the river every day in massive numbers and sharing the entire river just with few other anglers led to some insane fly fishing action.

Fly Fishing - Welcome to Iceland

In this video, two brothers went to Iceland to find out about the state of conservation in a country where fish and free flowing rivers are still abundant, and they came across interesting people along the way.

Fly Fishing NZ - OBSESSION - The Road Trip

"Obsession" showcases some highlights from a road trip with a couple of mates roaming the easily accessible lowland rivers and streams of New Zealand’s South Island. This short film celebrates the diversity of New Zealand’s waterways, the ever changing landscapes with gin-clear water and beautifully spotted trout.

Freaks of Nature

A film about the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind-swept lake is undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet, a place where ten pound fish are common and twenty pound plus trout are caught every week.

Fly Fishing the Flats for Tuskies

Chris Henry Benny Godfrey Shannon Kitchener & Mick Guthrie head off together in search of a fish that none of them had ever caught on fly ... the Blackspot Tuskfish! One of the most stunning fish on the planet, let alone the flats, the Tuskie is a challenging and brutal adversary in shallow, clear water and one that should be on the bucket list of any flats fisherman, conventional or fly.