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Drift Fishing Roy Rufus Artificial Reef

In this video, Luke Fitzpartick shows the technique he uses to fish the local Roy Rufus Artificial Reef in Hervey Bay. It's mainly drifting jigs to target large Golden Trevally.

Fish That Snag

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Best way to get a lure off a snag

Ryan Moody demonstrates the best way to get a lure off a snag. Losing your precious fishing lures to snags, mangroves and trees is unnecessary with this simple technique. Because Ryan does not use a snap swivel to attach lures, a lure retriever will not work, however this simple bow and arrow shock technique works the majority of the time saving you money in lost lures.

Fly Fishing the Flats for Tuskies

Chris Henry Benny Godfrey Shannon Kitchener & Mick Guthrie head off together in search of a fish that none of them had ever caught on fly ... the Blackspot Tuskfish! One of the most stunning fish on the planet, let alone the flats, the Tuskie is a challenging and brutal adversary in shallow, clear water and one that should be on the bucket list of any flats fisherman, conventional or fly.

Releasing fish swollen with Barotrauma

Barotrauma occurs when fish are brought to the surface quickly from depth. Some fish recover well from barotrauma and others are badly effected. The condition worsens the deeper the fish is caught. Fish survival is heavily dependent on actions taken by the angler with releasing fish. This video demonstrates how to vent the fish correctly, expelling air and allowing it to sink/return to a comfortable depth and survive.

Land Based Squidding - Fraser Coast

This video from Luke Fiypatrick shows good tips focuses on providing some tips and tricks for land based fishing for Tiger Squid along the Fraser Coast of Queensland. The knowledge in this video could be applied anywhere.

Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Experience the beauty of Patagonia and take a peek into the fly fishing world of Luis Antunez at the Salmo Patagonia Lodge located in Coyhaique, Chile.

Borumba Dam Saratoga & Bass

This great video not only shows how effective Alan Dolan's Lively Lures Ziggy SD 70's are on saratoga and bass on Borumba Dam, it shows the technique for using them and best of all thrill of seeing Alan grandson James light up when he caught his first Saratoga and some bass. The video was shot by Alan's son Joshua, so it's a real family fishing day.

Measuring Fish Correctly

Keeping undersized fish can land you in a lot of trouble with Fisheries. In this video, Ryan Moody provides 3 tips on measuring fish properly and avoid underestimating the size of your fish.

Platypus Bay Tuna

Although present all year round, tuna numbers swell in Platypus Bay during late summer and early autumn. Heading north from Hervey Bay into Platypus Bay and chasing these speedsters of the sea is a must do adventure for any angler visiting the Fraser Coast.

Topwater Saratoga Fishing

A Journey a few hours North West of Rockhampton showing the fruits of virtually unfished waterways amidst a large cattle property.

Catch and Cook Coral Trout

In this clip Ryan Moody and his mate Ruffy show how to catch coral trout with both jigs and live bait and Ryan puts his chef's hat on and shows a great way to cook it.