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Fishing Northern Moreton Island

From the Coastwatch Vault, tips from experienced beach angler Aaron Fogarty on fishing the northern face of Moreton Island, a good place to be when the winds are strong from the SE

Coastwatch Vault: From 1994 until mid 1999, Brownie's Coastwatch was a half hour TV show produced for Channel 7 Queensland. These videos are segments of that show.

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Tips on Beach Fishing

From the Coastwatch Vault, this video shows tips from Gary Howard and Cliff Andreassen on beach fishing. Shot on Teewah Beach, there's some good info in this from a couple of blokes who know their stuff.

Spinning Trevally

From the Coastwatch Vault, this video shows tips from Dwayne Marshall on spinning with chrome slices for trevally off the rocks.

Coochie Mudlo Bream

From the Coastwatch Vault, this story shows tips from good southern Moreton Bay angler Wally Ninnes on catching quality bream in shallow water over a rough bottom on the western side of Coochie Mudlo Island and in close to the mangroves at Garden Island. This is best done in the cooler months of the year

Brisbane River Bream

From the Coastwatch Vault this video shows tips from experienced angler Martin Cowling on catching bream around Pinkenba in the lower reaches of the Brisbane River. The best time to do that is April and May and be aware that since the story was shot some years ago, the minimum legal size for bream has been raised to 25cms

Southport Seaway - Ross McCubbin

In April 1994, we were about to do our 8th Coastwatch Show. It had been raining and the wind had been blowing for 2 weeks and on the day before the show went to air, we didn't have a fishing story. Things were looking grim and I asked Gold Coast charter skipper Ross McCubbin if he could help me out. He took his small boat out to the bait reef off Southport Seaway, caught a few live baits and proceeded to turn them into a mangrove jack, a tailor and a trevally in about one hour. Amazing what knowledge, skill and an old Ugly Stick rod and Alvey Reel can do.

Swallowtail Dart

From the Coastwatch Vault, this story on catching Swallowtail Dart along surf beaches. These fish are easy to catch and good eating if bled and iced immediately after capture. They don't taste as good if frozen and are very good if eaten raw as sashimi.

Swallowtail Dart Research

Daryl McPhee is Associate Professor of Environmental Science in the Faculty of Society and Design at Bond University on the Gold Coast. In March 1995 when this story from the Coastwatch Vault was shot, he was engaged in research on Swallowtail Dart for Qld Fisheries.

Handlining Snapper - February 1996

The fishing stories in the Coastwatch Vault are old school. It doesn't get more old school than this one from February 1996 on John Palermo handlining snapper. This method of fishing was used before rods, reels with drags and braid etc. Some say it's still the best way to catch fish and it is a lot of fun.

Offshore anchoring

Anchoring when fishing offshore can be strenuous and potentially dangerous. This video from the Coastwatch Vault shows tips from experienced offshore angler Barry McDade on using a technique that's been around for a long time and makes it much easier and safer.

The Winter Whiting Blues - Rupert McCall

In 1993, after 3 great seasons at the Broncos, including winning premierships in 92 & 93, coach Wayne Bennett showed Trevor "The Axe" Gillmeister the door and he was Penrith bound. His mates in Brisbane organised a farewell lunch and at that lunch, Brisbane poet Rupert McCall did a poem called the Winter Whiting Blues to honour Gilly. Rupert's career as a poet was just kicking off and the crew at the lunch loved it. Brownie, being a good mate of Gilly's was there and got the idea to make a video clip of the poem for the Coastwatch show for a bit of fun. So from the vault, here it is.