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Queensland and northern NSW wave buoys

Wave buoys


In this section you will find all the wave height information for the Queensland and Northern NSW coasts.

By clicking the icons you can access the wave height readings.


Wave buoys explained

Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts has waverider buoys along the coast to measure the heights of waves at sea. The Manly Hydraulics Laboratory in Sydney runs a similar program along the NSW coast.

The data from these buoys provides useful information for coastal management and planning. The boating and fishing public also benefit from the data as an indication of sea conditions offshore and as a guide to swell size and direction on coastal bars.

The buoys often have schools of Mahi Mahi around them. Catch a few, but leave some for others. Make sure you keep trolling lines clear and never tie up to, or interfere with, the buoy.


Queensland wave buoys

Weipa wave buoy


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Cairns wave buoy

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Townsville wave buoy


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Mackay wave buoy

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Hay Point wave buoy

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Emu Park wave buoy



Gladstone wave buoy



Mooloolaba wave buoy

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North Moreton Bay wave buoy



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Point Lookout Wave Buoy

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Southport wave buoy

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Tweed River Wave buoy

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New South Wales wave buoys

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