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Fishing video

Pumicestone Passage whiting

This video on how to catch a feed of big fat whiting in Pumicestone Passage features local Donnybrook angler Bruce Stephan and Steve Bott, who at the time ran Donnybrook Boat Hire.

Although it was shot in early 1999, fishing basics never change and the technique so successful then, is just as good today.

Bruce Stephan still lives at Donnybrook, still wets a line when he has time and is still catching big whiting.


Fishing video

Dredge whiting

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault shows a clever technique by Gold Coast guide Brad Smith for catching a good feed of whiting. Like many other smart whiting anglers, Smithy knows that a dredge working in a sandy river or canal will stir up food, and whiting will be there feeding on it. He’s an excellent guide and loves doing whiting charters.

Spend half a day with Smithy and you will learn a lot. You can find him at Boatshed Bait and Tackle at Currumbin or call him on 0419 028 704.


Fishing video

Maroochy River whiting

This video of Aaron Fogarty’s tips on how to catch big whiting in the lower reaches of the Maroochy River is worth studying if you are into whiting fishing.

It’s from the Brownie's Coastwatch Vault and the technique “Fogs” uses of anchoring forward and aft and laying the rods down until the fish take the bait has been around a long time, but as you’ll see he’s very good at it.

Also worth watching are Jammo’s video on filleting whiting and Sally’s recipe for cooking them.

Fishing video

Margate Whiting

This video is a good one for the large numbers of anglers who don’t own, or have access to a boat.

It’s tips from excellent beach and estuary angler Aaron Fogarty on how to catch a good feed of whiting and a couple of bream at Margate Beach on the north side of Brisbane.

As you’ll see it doesn’t get much simpler or relaxing than the way Aaron does it, but you do need to watch out for pelicans.



Fishing video

Sand Crabbing

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault shows tips from local anglers Martin Cowling and Darren Purcell on catching a feed of sand crabs off Redcliffe.

Like all these videos, despite being shot some time ago, it contains very handy information and although off Redcliffe was the location, the technique works almost anywhere.

Here’s some info on the rules relating to crabbing from Queensland DPI and Fisheries and the NSW Fisheries web site will tell you what you need for south of the border.

Fishing video

Mud crabbing

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault shows tips from local anglers Wayne Olsen and Darren Purcell on catching a feed of mud crabs in Hays Inlet off the Pine River, including a very easy alternative to tying up a muddie using a plastic shopping bag.

Here’s some info on the rules relating to crabbing from Queensland DPI and Fisheries and the NSW Fisheries web site will tell you what you need for south of the border

Fishing video

Cast netting banana prawns

Two videos giving you good tips on cast netting banana prawns. The first with John Watt in Schulz Canal just north of the mouth of the Brisbane River, using an old style net with no top pockets.

The second is with Michaela Burt at Jacobs Well and she had the top pockets in her net.

You’ll also see how close John came to being spiked by a stone fish, something you need to watch for when cast netting.


Fishing video

Jigging for squid

This video of Martin Cowling’s tips on how to jig squid on the weed banks off Moreton Island is worth watching if you like a feed of calamari.

It’s from the Brownie's Coastwatch Vault and has many helpful tips. If you do go squidding and get covered in squid ink, a tip to get it out of your clothes is to give them a good soak them in salt water before washing.

Also worth watching are Jammo's video on cleaning them and Sally’s tip on tendersing them.

Fishing video

Catching, filleting, cooking gar

This video has tips from Martin Cowling on how to catch a feed of gar, which is a great thing to teach your kids to do.

They are good eating and Martin also shows how to fillet and de-bone them, Nev Howard demonstrates the old trick of using a bottle to boneless butterfly them and Sally Jenyns shows how to cook them quickly and simply to preserve the delicate gar flavour.


Fishing video

Nerang River Jacks

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault is a great piece of work by brothers Matt & Scott Fraser.

These keen sport fishermen shot most of this video themselves and then bought it to us for editing and finishing off.

Matt did the fishing and Scott manned the camera.

The result is a very good bit of video showing tips and the excitement of Jack fishing, both with lures and live bait.


Fishing video

Tips on fishing Southport Seaway

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault of Ross McCubbin catching a good feed on live bait in rough weather at Southport Seaway is worth studying.

You need to keep your wits about you if you fish this spot as you are drifting just inside the north wall. You will also see the technique and tackle that works best is very simple.

Ross McCubbin runs Lucky Strike Charters for offshore reef and sport fishing and is an excellent estuary guide specialising in soft plastics.

Fishing video

Spinning trevally

There are few tougher fighting fish than trevally and catching them on chrome slugs spun off rock walls or headlands is very challenging.

This video from the Coastwatch vault features Perry Seehoe, who started Raider Lures and his mate Wes Hatley, showing some of the finer points of spinning trevally off the rocks at Southport Seaway.

If you want to try it and have never fished off rocks, it would be a good idea to get some safety tips off and experienced rock fisherman.


Fishing video

Land based lure fishing

There are a lot of anglers who don’t have a boat or access to one, but still want to go fishing.

This video featuring Gold Coast guide Brad Smith, shows how easy and relaxing it is to walk the banks of the Tweed River casting lures and catching bream and flathead.

It was shot about 10 years ago, but the principle is still the same and shows that there are fish to be caught off the bank, if you employ the right tackle and technique.


Fishing video

Tangalooma flathead

This video is another one for anglers who don’t have a boat.

Very good beach and estuary angler Aaron Fogarty shows how you can catch “The Tangalooma Flyer” to Moreton Island in the morning, walk along the beach to Tangalooma Point, spend a few hours flicking for flathead and then catch “The Flyer” home that afternoon.

The warmer months of the year produce the best conditions and fishing and the trick is to take with you whatever you can carry comfortably.


Fishing video

Flicking for flathead

It’s not only sad when the great characters of Queensland fishing pass away, it’s a shame because we lose their vast knowledge built up over a lifetime of observing and angling.

Mal Ferguson was one of those characters and an excellent beach fisherman. Mal passed away in 1997, but some of his knowledge lives on via this video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault.

Watch and learn … these tips on flicking for flathead off the beach are from a master of the game.

Fishing video

Gold Coast mackerel

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault shows three very capable Gold Coast anglers catching Spanish mackerel.

They were “the boys who make no noise” and caught the fish with a minimum of fuss, a good lesson to learn if you want to turn hook ups into catches.

These days, Terry Standing works at BCF Labrador, Rod Jones owns Jonesy’s Custom Rods and makes great barra lures at Southport and Brian Chaplin is building Mangrove Mauler fishing boats at Gold Coast City Marina.


Fishing video

Spanish mackerel

This video features Sally Jenyns and Barry McDade catching spanish mackerel off the Sunshine Coast.

Sally has been fishing all her life and Barry runs Sunshine Coast Offshore Fishing Services offering tuition to anglers who would like to learn more about offshore fishing.

Contact him via New Qld fisheries rules will be introduced in March.

There is no change to the existing minimum size of 75cms and bag limit of 3 for spanish or narrow barred mackerel.


Fishing video

School mackerel

This video has tips from Brisbane angler Bob Kozian on catching a feed of school mackerel around the shipping beacons in Moreton Bay.

Please be aware you are not allowed to tie up to shipping beacons and you must not impede the safe navigation of ships using the channels.

New Queensland fisheries rules come into effect on March 1 2009, that have kept the minimum size for school mackerel at 50cms, but have introduced a bag limit of 10.


Fishing video

Gold Coast Marlin

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault shows what happens on a day out on a light tackle marlin fishing charter off the Gold Coast with Ross McCubbin.

Ross has had a few boats since the story was shot, but he is currently running a 34ft Blackwatch similar to the one in the story, the black marlin are still there and the light tackle fishing for them just as hot.

The best time for light tackle marlin fishing off the Gold Coast is December to February.


Fishing video

Switch baiting marlin

Ross McCubbin has for many years been the most experienced and successful charter boat operator on the Gold Coast.

He has caught 100 marlin so far this 2008/2009 season, mostly using a technique he has perfected called switch baiting. This story on how it works was shot 10 years ago with Sally Jenyns on the rod.

As you’ll see switch baiting is very visual and exciting and really works. If you want to try it call Ross McCubbin on 0428 729393


Fishing video

Float baiting snapper

Caloundra 12 mile

This video of Barry McDade's tips on how float bait snapper on Caloundra 12 Mile Reef is worth watching if you fish offshore. 

It was shot in June 1999 for Brownie's Coastwatch, but the info in it is just as good today as it was then. 

Contact Barry McDade at  Sunshine Coast Fishing Services, he specialises in teaching people to fish offshore


Fishing video

Barwon Banks snapper

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips from experienced offshore angler Barry McDade on catching snapper on the Barwon Banks off Mooloolaba.

Barry shows how use light tackle with a float bait rig with a small running sinker and how to rig a whole squid bait and employ the technique of bobbing or jigging the bait to encourage the fish to bite.

Barry runs a business called Sunshine Coast Offshore Fishing Service, providing tuition for those who want to learn more about offshore fishing.


Fishing video

Gold Coast snapper

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips on catching snapper off the Gold Coast from experienced charter boat skippers and offshore anglers, Ross McCubbin and Brad Bobbermien.

They were float baiting with light tackle in 36 and 50 fathoms east of Southport Seaway, with the quality fish coming from the 50’s.

The way they work together as they catch a double hook up on big snapper and gaff their own fish with a minimum of noise and fuss is worth aspiring to.


Fishing video

Bottom bashing for snapper

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault features John Palermo catching snapper on bottom bashing rigs.

It was shot many years ago and the tackle is a bit dated, but the wisdom and technique involved don’t change.

Maybe the fish are a bit scarcer, but good ones still get caught, so it’s probably a matter of skill.

These days John Palermo runs Nitro Fishing Charters out of Manly in Brisbane


Fishing video

Amberjack reef

There’s good info in this video from the Coastwatch Vault for those who want to learn more about offshore fishing.

It features offshore reef fishing specialist John Palermo fishing a spot known as Amberjack Reef off Moreton Island, which is part of a ledge that runs north south and rises from about 73m to 69m.

John shows his rig, bait selection and technique and does catch a big amberjack in the process, but before he does that he nails a couple of snapper, one a real good fish.


Fishing video

Float baiting snapper

Although this video was shot in 1994 off North Stradbroke Island with snapper specialist John Palermo, the information in it is still as good today.

The tackle has changed, but the technique of using minimal lead and floating a bait slowly down to catch snapper rising to feed, is just as deadly today as it was then.

It takes a bit of practice to get this technique right, but the effort is worth it, as some of the best quality snapper are caught this way.


Fishing video

Caloundra Wide

This video has tips from offshore fishing specialist John Palermo on fishing an area of reef called Caloundra Wide, which is obviously east of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Species you are likely to catch there are snapper, pearl perch and parrot and although this area can be very productive at times, it is pretty heavily fished these days.

You can leave from Mooloolaba or Bribie without crossing a bar, or go out through the bar at Caloundra.


Fishing video

Matt Hayden    

The first fishing story in the first Coastwatch show in February 1994 was a simple little yarn about one man’s passion for fishing in SE Queensland.

That man was Matthew Hayden, who at the time was just starting his career with the Australian team. Haydos rewrote the cricket history books since then.

He's retired now and to his credit he’s the same good bloke he always was and still feels as strongly about loving Queensland life as he did when we did this story all those years ago.


Fishing video

Peel Island at night

This video has tips from Martin Cowling on how to catch a feed of fish around Peel Island there and things you can do to stay safe while fishing there at night.

Be aware that the legal minimum size for snapper or squire as small ones known is now 35cms not 30cms as it was when this was shot. 

There is also a protection zone around parts of Peel Island where no fishing is allowed. Details of the protection zone are on the DERM web site. 



Fishing video

Donnybrook bream

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips from experienced local Donnybrook angler Bruce Stephan on catching bream in Pumicestone Passage.

Bruce shows his tackle, rigs, the variety of bait he prepares before a bream trip and demonstrates the technique of fishing close to snags and oyster leases without being bricked by the fish.

Good tips from an experienced local angler are hard to beat, so if you are keen to catch a feed of bream, this could be helpful.


Fishing video

Brisbane River bream

Two videos on catching a feed of bream in the Brisbane River with Martin Cowling.

Although shot some years ago this technique for successfully catching bream over the shallow rocky parts on both sides of the river at Pinkenba still works very well.

It’s all about being able to feel your bait bounce across the bottom and the slightest touches from the fish, which is why Alvey side cast reels are best for this as they offer direct line contact and feel.


Fishing video

Big Moreton Bay bream

This video is another in the series in the Coastwatch Vault on how to catch a feed of bream.

It features experienced angler Wally Ninnes and his tips for catching quality bream around Coochiemudlo and Garden Islands. One of the fish Wally catches is a cracker, well over a kilo and it was taken in very shallow water.

The tackle in this video might be a bit outdated, but the technique is still as good today as when the video was shot some years ago.


Fishing video

Jumpinpin Bream

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips on catching bream at Jumpinpin from experienced estuary angler, Martin Cowling.

Fishing for bream at “The Pin” in winter is very popular, with the better catches coming at night.

The area Martin is fishing is known as the Pig Sties at the eastern end of Kalinga Bank and you have to be careful when fishing there, as being just inside the bar it gets very rough there at times and can be dangerous on a flooding tide.


Fishing video

Jew off the beach

This video is the most requested fishing story from almost 300 produced for Brownies Coastwatch.

It was shot in June 1998 and features very knowledgeable angler and mulloway or jew  specialist, Don Williams, who opened up and shared what he has learnt in almost 30 years catching them off headlands and beaches.

This info is the real stuff, based on real experience and is invaluable. Don is quiet bloke who enjoys his own company when fishing and is still catching big jew on the Sunshine Coast.


Fishing video

Fraser Island Tailor

This video has helpful information on catching a feed of tailor on Fraser Island from experienced tailor angler Cliff Andreassen.

Cliff’s approach is pretty standard, but he talks about having a lighter action rod for days when the wind is offshore and a stiffer one for onshore days, and shows how to bleed your tailor over your bait bucket to increase the potency of your bait.

Hopefully the info this video will help you on your next Fraser Island tailor fishing trip.


Fishing video

Spinning for tailor

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips from experienced beach and estuary angler Martin Cowling on spinning for tailor along the southern Queensland surf beaches.

Martin’s tips include, how to find a good spot to fish for tailor, replacing treble hooks on lures with two single hooks, the etiquette of not using spinners around bait anglers, the need to keep your rod tip down to lessen the chance of the fish jumping and throwing the hooks and the importance of bleeding and icing your catch.


Fishing video

Chopper tailor

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips from experienced beach and estuary angler Martin Cowling on catching chopper tailor inside Jumpinpin Bar on the northern tip of South Stradbroke Island.

During the winter months large numbers of anglers fish in the surf and tailor are a species they are chasing. Once you have the tackle and technique right they are easy to catch as they feed voraciously.

The minimum size for tailor in Qld will increase from 30cms to 35cms on March 1st 2010.


Fishing video

Fraser Island in Winter

This video from the Coastwatch Vault features Cliff Andreassen, who owns the Fraser Island Fishing Units at Indian Head and experienced beach and estuary angler Martin Cowling, giving their tips for catching a feed of tailor, dart and whiting on Fraser Island.

This video is worth watching if you are planning a winter Fraser Island trip and if you decide not to camp when you are there and are looking for somewhere to stay on the island, here’s the details on the Fraser Island Fishing Units


Fishing video

South Stradbroke Island bream

This video on catching a feed of bream in the surf at the northern end of South Strabroke Island with Les Clark is full of helpful information and tips.

Les is one of those people who goes about his business quietly, yet observing everything that’s going on around him. It’s that approach which has made him a very good angler.

So watch and learn and hopefully you’ll be much better prepared to catch a nice feed of bream off the beach.


Fishing video

Dart in the surf

This video from the Coastwatch Vault has tips from experienced beach and estuary angler, Martin Cowling on catching dart in the surf.

It was filmed on Moreton Island, but the info is useful on any surf beach and includes tips on locating feeding fish, bait, tackle, rigs and technique.

Dart are the most prolific fish along surf beaches and when they are feeding over an outer bank and into a gutter, are fun to catch and if bled and iced after capture, are good eating.


Fishing video

Beach worms

If you can catch beach worms you can catch fish on any beach without having to buy, transport and keep bait alive.

Some people pick it up the first time they are shown how and others struggle with it.

This video is from 2nd generation professional wormer Les Duckworth and you will probably wonder how he makes it look so easy, but if you listen to what he is saying and mimic what he does, next time you go worming you might have more success.


Fishing video

Saratoga on fly

This video of fly fisherman John Rowe walking the banks of Borumba Dam stalking saratoga was shot in spring 1999 by Keith “Chopper” Taylor, the person behind the camera in most of the fishing stories on Coastwatch.

Rowie explained the technique perfectly and Chopper got some excellent shots. The sequence of John casting to and hooking a nice sara is not edited, it's as it happened.

These days John Rowe is in Tasmania catching trout and after more than 40 years with a camera on his shoulder, Chopper is retired.

Fishing video


This video has helpful information and tips from Brownie on catching luderick or blackfish as they are more commonly known.

Brownie learnt to fish for them from his dad when he was a kid and there was quite an etiquette involved in large numbers of anglers fishing rock walls at river mouths without getting tangles. Luderick fishing is specialised.

The tackle and bait used is unlike any other form of fishing, they are great fighters and if bled and filleted properly, great eating.


Fishing video

Jigging Boondooma Bass

This video was shot in April 1999 on Boondooma Dam with Matthew Mott when he first started guiding.

His customers that day were David Lipke and a young Carl Jocumsen. In the 10 years since this video was shot, both Matt and Carl have become two of the best barra and bass tournament anglers in Australia.

Matthew Mott is still guiding and operates his bass and barra charters in SE Qld. For bookings call him on 0428 682594


Fishing video

Catching bass on surface poppers

This video from the Brownies Coastwatch Vault features Des Charles catching bass in Hinze Dam on poppers.

This is exciting fishing in a tranquil setting as you see them smash the lure and although they don’t always hook up, the adrenaline levels get a jolt.

Des ran freshwater charters for many years on Hinze Dam, but has returned to his native Tasmania and runs a tackle shop.

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