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Fishing report

Fishing report - Hervey Bay to Evans Head and

SE Queensland Dams

These reports are the latest information available from bait and tackle shops, charter boats and guides in south-east Queensland and are updated every Friday afternoon.

If you want more specific information on locations, bait availability, boat hire and boat ramps, please contact the report source.

Updated at: 4.30pm Friday, May 29, 2015

Hervey Bay

Coral trout, tuskfish, hussar, sweetlip and spanish mackerel in The Gutters, snapper off Rooney Point, golden trevally and queenfish on the deeper reefs, longtail and mack tuna in Platypus Bay, snapper, sweetlip, cod, spotty and broad barred mackerel at the Roy Rufus Artificial Reef, diver whiting in Gatakers Bay and around Picnic Island, threadfin salmon, grunter bream, cod and jew in the Mary and Susan Rivers, threadfin salmon, barramundi, queenfish, trevally, bream, whiting and flathead in the Burrum River, bream off the Urangan Jetty and flathead, whiting, grunter bream and jew along the western side of Fraser Island.

Fishermans Corner ph:4128 1022
Snapper in Platypus Bay and trevally on the deeper reefs.

Paul Dolan's Fraser Coast Sportfishing ph:4128 4952

Fraser Island

Dart and a few whiting in the low tide gutters and chopper tailor at dawn and dusk between the wreck of the Maheno and Eli Creek. Travelling on low tide along the eastern beaches is recommended.

Fraser Island Retreat ph:4127 9144

Tin Can Bay - Rainbow Beach - Offshore

School mackerel around Big Mick and in the channel between Inskip Point and Fraser Island, diver whiting, golden trevally and squid at Norman Point and chopper tailor and school mackerel at the mouth of Teebar and Carlo Creeks.

Tin Can Bay Boat Hire, Bait & Tackle ph:0408 329167
Snapper, pearl perch, hussar, tuskfish, sweetlip, gold spotted wrasse and moses perch about 12 miles NE of Wide Bay Bar.

Rainbow Beach Reef Fishing Charters ph:5486 8666


Trevally and tailor at the Noosa River mouth and in Woods Bay, sand whiting between Munna Point and the yacht club, grunter bream along the Tewantin reach and flathead in Weyba Creek.

O Boat Hire & Bait Supply ph:5449 7513
Flathead, bream, trevally and whiting at the Noosa River mouth and flathead, trevally and bream in Woods Bay.

Noosa River Fishing Safaris ph:0429030823

Noosa - Offshore

Snapper, pearl perch, tuskfish and moses perch on Sunshine Reef.

Noosa Bluewater Charters ph:54499355


Bream, flathead, tailor and jew at the Maroochy River mouth, bream around Chambers Island, Cotton Tree and the Cod Hole, trevally on lures between Chambers Island and Godfreys Road, mangrove jack, bream and flathead along the Bli Bli reach and sand crabs in the lower reaches.

Swan Boat Hire ph:5443 7225


Snapper on the Gneering Shoals, Murphys Reef, Caloundra 9 Mile and rubble off Point Cartwright, dart, whiting and flathead along the beaches, bream and school mackerel along the rock walls at the Mooloolah River mouth, bream, trevally and flathead near the La Balsa Park boat ramp and flathead and whiting in the Basin.

Kawana Bait & Tackle ph:5444 5551

Mooloolaba - Offshore

Tuskfish, hussar and cod on the Barwon Banks, amberjack and yellowtail king at the Hards and longtail tuna, school and broad barred mackerel in close at Caloundra.

Smithy's Fishing Charters ph:0407 574868
Snapper, pearl perch and grassy sweetlip on the Barwon Banks.

Odyssey Charters ph:5478 1109
Snapper, sweetlip and a few cobia on Murphys Reef and pearl perch and snapper on floated baits at Caloundra 12 Mile.

Barry McDade Fishing Services ph:5437 7754


Snapper and pearl perch at Caloundra 12 Mile, snapper at dawn and dusk at Caloundra 8 Mile and off the coffee rock at the northern end of Bribie Island, spotty mackerel off the rocks at Moffat and Shelly Beaches, bream, whiting, dart, chopper tailor and jew along the beaches, flathead on live bait throughout Pumicestone Passage and good bream in the Blue Hole, around the Power Boat and Coastguard Jetties.

Caloundra Fishing World ph:5491 4566


Bream at 112, bream and flathead near the logs at Lime Pocket and flathead and whiting at Elimbah Creek mouth.

Donnybrook Takeaway, Bait & Tackle ph:5498 8247


Flathead along the drop offs, bream at the mouth of Ningi Creek and sand crabs in the main channel.

Toorbul Store & Caravan Park ph:5498 8210

Bribie Island

Snapper at Hutchison Shoal, tailor and diver whiting at the southern entrance to Pumicestone Passage, diver whiting off Red Beach and Skirmish Point, good tailor around Cooks Rock, flathead along Sylvan Beach and opposite Cornetts Supermarket and good bream in the canals.

Bribie Sports & Cycles ph:3408 1347

Redcliffe Peninsula

Snapper and jew on Scarborough Reef and off the rocks at Scotts Point, tailor off the Ted Smout Fishing Platform and along Scarborough rock walls and flathead and whiting in the Pine River.

Hornibrook Bait & Tackle ph:3284 6939

Northern Moreton Bay

Amberjack on jigs at Caloundra Wide, flathead along the drop offs in the Pine River and mulloway on the ebb tide at the mouth of the Caboolture River.

Tackleworld Lawnton ph:32057475


Bream, flathead and whiting at the Pine River mouth, off the Ted Smout Fishing Platform and along Eventide foreshores, flathead at the mouth of Cabbage Tree Creek and sand crabs in Bramble Bay.

Sandgate Bait & Tackle ph:3269 9701

Wynnum Manly

Snapper at Mud Island, mulloway at Harry Atkinson Artificial Reef, school mackerel off Shark Spit, diver whiting and snapper in the Rous Channel, bream and squid at night along Manly Rock Walls and small snapper and sand crabs off Wellington Point.

Water Tower Bait & Tackle ph:3396 1833

North Stradbroke Island

Fish all beaches for bream, dart and whiting.

Point Lookout Bait & Fresh Fish ph:3409 8724

Redland Bay

Flathead in Canaipa Passage, diver whiting on the Pelican Banks and good bream around the rocky outcrops and mangroves at the southern end of the bay.

Moreton Bay Charters ph:0433 732310
Snapper at Harry Atkinson and West Peel Artificial Reefs, diver whiting in the Rous Channel and Fishermans Gutter, bream and small snapper around the southern bay islands, bream and tailor at dusk at Cleveland Point and threadfin salmon in the lower reaches of the Brisbane River.

Mossops Tackle Store Cleveland ph:38211240
Flathead on the NW and SW sides of Coochiemudlo Island and small snapper on the northern reef.

Coochie Boat Hire ph:3207 8207


Bream, flathead and sand crabs in Tipplers Passage and flathead in Jacobs Well Channel.

Rudy Maas Marina ph:5546 2222

Mack tuna just wide of the Pin Bar, tailor inside the Pin Bar, bream along Short and Crusoe Islands and sand whiting near Slipping Sands and in Tipplers Passage.

Gem Bait & Tackle ph:3287 3868
Bream and mulloway inside the Pin Bar and flathead around the edge of the weed beds in Tipplers Passage.

Jumpinpin Charters ph:5546 1880


Blue marlin in the Tweed and Gold Coast Canyons, snapper, maori cod and flathead on the 18s east of Southport, spanish mackerel in 22 to 24 fathoms, dart during the day and tailor at night along the beaches, bream, tailor, yellowtail king, snapper and mack tuna in Southport Seaway, bream, flathead and school jew throughout Southport Broadwater, bream and grunter bream in the Nerang River and bass early morning on spinner baits in Clear Island Waters Canals.

Gold Coast Fishing Tackle ph:56790840

Southport - Offshore

Snapper and a few pearl perch on the 36s east of Southport.

Paradise Fishing Charters ph:0403 531428


Snapper at Tweed 5 Mile, spanish mackerel at Tweed 9 Mile, bream, flathead, tailor and jew along the beaches, bream along the rock walls in Currumbin Creek and flathead around the edges of the banks.

The Boatshed Bait, Tackle & Boat Hire ph:5525 0338
Bream, flathead, whiting, tailor, trevally and jew in Southport Seaway and lower reaches of the Tweed River.

Brad Smith Guided Fishing ph:0419 028704

Tweed Heads

Yellowtail king wide of Tweed 9 Mile, snapper at the Mud Hole, pearl perch on the 36s, tailor along the beaches, bream along the rock walls at the Tweed River mouth and around the oyster leases, school jew on the change of the tides near the bridges and flathead in Cobaki and Terranora Lakes.

Anglers Warehouse ph:5536 3822
Snapper, tuskfish and pearl perch on the 30s east of the Tweed, wahoo and mahi mahi at Tweed 9 Mile, tailor at dawn and dusk at Currumbin Rock, Bilinga, Cabarita and Mooball Beaches, dart and bream at Fingal and Kirra Point, good bream throughout the Tweed River, tailor along the rock walls at the river mouth, flathead behind Seagulls and along the Golf Course reach and luderick at Jack Evans Boat Harbour, southern side of Boyds Bay Bridge, the end of Dry Dock Road, Chinderah and Cobaki Rock Walls.

Drift Tackle & Takeaway ph:5599 5520

Tweed Coast - Offshore

Snapper, pearl perch, tuskfish, pigfish, moses perch and cobia on the 30s east of the Tweed.

Cushy Fishing Charters ph:0418 631076


Good dart during the day and tailor at dusk along the beaches, school jew at night off the headlands and bream, flathead, whiting and mud crabs in Mooball, Cudgen and Cudgera Creeks.

Pottsville Bait & Tackle ph:02 6676 0588


Snapper on the 32s east of Ballina, tailor along the beaches, bream and whiting along the rock walls at the Richmond River mouth, flathead between the river mouth and Pimlico Island and school jew along the town reach and around Wardell Bridge.

Daves Bait Shop ph:02 6686 2481

Evans Head

Snapper, trag jew and spanish mackerel on the close reefs, bream and tailor along Airforce Beach and the rock walls at the Evans River mouth and bream, whiting and flathead in the lower reaches.

Evans Head Sports & Marine ph:02 6682 4536

Freshwater Reports

Boondooma Dam

Bass on ice jigs, blades and masks in the deep water between the second and third marker buoys, around Pelican Point and at the start of the Boyne and Stuart Rivers.

Matthew Mott's Sportfishing Charters ph:0428 682594


Bjelke Petersen Dam

Bass and golden perch on live bait, ice jigs, blades and masks in about 8 to 10 metres from Bass Point to the dam wall.

Matthew Mott's Sportfishing Charters ph:0428 682594


Borumba Dam

The cooler weather should start to see the bass schooling up in the deeper holes. Use a sounder to locate the schools and use small blades, deep plastics and fly.

Paul Dolan's Fraser Coast Sportfishing ph:4128 4952

Somerset Dam

Bass on slow rolled plastics around Queen Street.

Tackleworld Lawnton ph:32057475

Good bass on live bait around the timber at Kirkleagh.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Cressbrook Dam

Bass on blades and soft plastics in about 12 metres out from the boat ramp, off Deer Island and along the steeper banks in both arms.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Moogerah Dam

Bass on blades, plastics, mask vibes, ice jigs and tail spinners in the main basin.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Maroon Dam

Bass on plastics around the weed banks.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Leslie Dam

Golden perch on live shrimp opposite the boat ramps in the main basin and silver perch and eel tailed catfish off the banks.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Coolmunda Dam

Golden perch and average cod on live shrimp and frozen saltwater yabbies in the deeper parts of the dam.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Glenlyon Dam

Golden perch on frozen saltwater yabbies in the upper reaches and a few cod to 105cm on spinner baits around the timber.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Lake Gregory

Bass located with sounder on deep fly, blades and small plastics in the main basin and middle reaches of the arms.

Paul Dolan's Fraser Coast Sportfishing ph:4128 4952

Western Rivers

Golden perch and cod on spinner baits and crays at Warwick in the Condamine River, golden perch on live worms and frozen saltwater yabbies at Goondiwindi in the Macintyre River and average cod on bait and lipless crank baits upstream from there.

Tackle World Toowoomba ph:4632 9770

Fishing videos

Fishing tips and techniques

These fishing videos are from Brownies Coastwatch show and are full of tips and techniques for catching a wide variety of fish in the surf, rivers and estuaries, fresh water impoundments, and offshore. Although they were made some years ago, wisdom doesn’t age and the info and tips in them still applies today.    GO>>

recreational fishing rules

Recreational fishing rules

The Queensland government has approved a number of changes to fishing rules covering the recreational inshore fishery. These rules were introduced on March 1st 2009 and it’s your responsibility to make yourself aware of them and fish accordingly.  GO >>

Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning

Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning

A new Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning plan came into effect on March 1st 2009. You should make yourself aware of the where the zones are, what activities are allowed in those zones and most importantly, where you are no longer allowed to fish.  GO >>

Moon, sun rise & set times

Moon phases and sun & moon rise and set times

Moon phases for the year for anglers who like to work around different phases of the moon, plus sun and moon rise and set times for the next 3 months for coastal areas from Karumba in the Gulf of Capentaria to Cape Byron in northern NSW.   GO >>

Guided Fishing Australia

Guided Fishing Australia

A handy listing of fishing guides and charter boat operators in every state in Australia. Whether you want to chase marlin on the Ribbon Reefs, barra in the Northern Territory, or bass in a dam, you’ll find someone to take you to do it quickly and easily on this site   GO >>

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