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Diving report

Diving report - Lady Elliott to Byron Bay

These dive reports are the latest information available from dive charter operators between Lady Elliot Island and Byron Bay. Over time we will expand our information sources and provide dive reports for the whole Queensland coast. Experienced divers will be aware that visibility and water temperature can change at any time, due to ocean currents or changing weather conditions and sea state, so although these reports are given to us in good faith, there is no guarantee that dive conditions will remain the same. However, it is a good guide to what’s been happening and does put you in touch with dive operators who you can call for more specific information about the dive sites in the reports.

Our featured diving videos from the Coastwatch vault were all shot and produced by award winning cameraman/producer Clint Hempsall and are probably the most comprehensive video record of Queensland dive sites and the creatures that live on or around them. So keep checking them as they will change each week and are a great opportunity to tap into the timeless knowledge contained in them.

Updated at: 4.30pm Friday, July 03, 2015

Lady Elliot Island

Vis: 20m at Coral Gardens, Second Reef and Three Pyramids. Water temp: 23deg. Humpback whales, reef sharks, Qld groper, trevally, lionfish, coral trout, maori wrasse, leafy scorpion fish, batfish, manta, bull, cowtail, eagle and pygmy devil rays seen.

Lady Elliot Dive Centre 4156 4444

Rainbow Beach

Vis: 5-10m at Wolf Rock. Water temp: 20deg. Saw manta rays and Qld groper around Wolf Rock and heard humpback whales singing in the distance.

Wolf Rock Dive Centre 5486 8004

Moreton Island

Vis: 20m at Flinders Reef. Water temp: 23deg. Humpback whales, tawny nurse sharks and turtles seen.

Snorkel Safari Brisbane 33683766

North Stradbroke Island

Vis: 15m at Flat Rock. Water temp: 21deg. Saw a great sight, 2 humpback whales cruising above us.

Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre 3409 8888

Tweed Coast

Vis: 15m at Cook Island. Water temp: 21-22deg. Lots of a turtles and a grey nurse shark seen.

Ocean Diving & Photographics 0418 750084

Byron Bay

Vis: 8m at the Cod Hole at Julian Rocks. Water temp: 20deg. Humpback whales, grey nurse sharks, mulloway and barracuda seen.

Sundive Dive Centre 02 6685 7755

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